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Explore Mali in Style with a Rental Car

This is a country in the western part of Africa. The landlocked country covers an area of about 1,240,000km2 and a population of about 14.5million.The main economic activities in this country includes fishing and agriculture.

What do I need to enter Mali?

If you are a British citizen and some other selected states, then a visa is required to enter Mali. You only require a valid passport. For the others, a visa is a must have for you to be allowed into the country. The visa must be obtained from the Embassy of Mali. You should not exceed the time indicated on your passport otherwise; you will be breaking the customs of the country which could land you in to trouble with the authorities.

What is the best time to visit Mali?

The peak season for tourists in Mali is in November. Between the months of November and January is the best time to visit Mali since the climate is very favorable. It is neither too hot nor too cold.

What attractions are there to see in Mali?

  • Great Mosque of Djenne

The mosque was first constructed in the thirteenth century, but renovated to its recent form in the year 1907. This mosque is among the biggest structures of its kind in the world. The mosque is also one of the greatest attractions in Mali and the most interesting thing about this mosque is that it was not constructed on a sacred ground like other mosques.

  • La Dune Rose

‘The pink Dune’, as commonly known is found across Niger from Gao and one can see if from the city. The dune is the first tourist attraction in Gao.The dune has a pink color during the day, but changes as the sun sets. You can only get to the dune when the waters are very high and this is between the month of September and February.

  • Tomb of Askia

This tomb was constructed in the year 1945 by Askia Muhammad Toure and this is where he was buried when he died. The tomb acts as a Mosque, but tourists are allowed to visit and have a look around. You can also climb to the top of the tomb and have a great view of Niger and Gao.

Car hire and Public Transport in Mali

There are various means of transportation that you can use to move around in Mali such as trains, ferries, motorbikes or taxis, but the best way to move around and explore the great attractions in Mali is by car rental. Car hire services in Mali enable you to travel around Mali and explore the different attractions at your own pace. The car rental services are offered by a number of agencies in Mali. The car rental agencies however, are found in Bamako, the capital city of Mali. Here, you can get the vehicle that perfectly suits your needs. If you are going to drive through different terrains, then 4x4 cars are recommended. You can also book for your car online. This would be a wise move since you get to enjoy the discounts offered. Some of the car hire companies in Mali include ITS car rental, Dollar Rent a car, Advantage, Hertz and many others. You can also get cheap car hire services from car hire companies that could save you some cash.

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